ScummVM needs OpenGL with xBRZ support

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Post by Raziel »

Ah, damn, here i was hoping to get a relatively fast alpha test :-/

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Post by mahen »

Hi !

Meanwhile, you can use RetroArch with the ScummVM core, which enables you to apply any kind of pixel shader. You can even COMBINE xbrz + some CRT shaders, the result is incredible IMHO.

I'm not sure the ScummVM core is completely usable in Retroarch though, haven't tried for a long time !


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Post by BeleG »

I've recently contacted the creator of xBRZ in connection with his ScummVM build. Turns out he'd be happy for xBRZ to be integrated in the ScummVM master branch and has a suggestion to overcome the dependencies issue with MS PPL, which he has already successfully implemented in his other open source project FreeFileSync. If there is still dev interest in integrating xBRZ in ScummVM I would suggest checking that out.

As ever, many thanks for all the great work.

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Post by digitall »

BeleG: Have taken a look at that forum thread and the FreeFileSync source code. For future reference in case your link is broken by forums change, the xBRZ author suggestion was to use the ThreadGroup class which is in FreeFileSync to replace the Microsoft PPL usage. However, looking in the FreeFileSync source code for 10.2, the xBRZ which is packaged with it seems to be using PPL as per the standard release. Apart from that, the ThreadGroup class is part of the zen library included and I took a look at the code dependencies for that. As far as I can see this is building on standard C++ threads, which might not be available on all ports. Our standard common code and OSystem only have the co-routines (originally added for Discworld engine).

In any case, none of this is insumountable, but I would think it would be easier to rewrite the xBRZ code to remove the need for multithreading or make it optional... but this is a not trivial amount of work.

As usual... patches and pull requests, especially when clean and modular will likely be accepted.

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Post by Lillesvamp »

xBRZ might simply be too slow to run single threaded.

Is there any chance a version using Intel's Thread Building Blocks would be accepted? That would at least work on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Post by enderandrew »

Some people love the smoothing that xBRZ provides and some people hate it.

Personally, I'm really hoping to see this filter/scaler implemented in ScummVM someday.

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Post by LouEatingSalami »

enderandrew wrote:Some people love the smoothing that xBRZ provides and some people hate it.

Personally, I'm really hoping to see this filter/scaler implemented in ScummVM someday.
You can already kind of do it using Reshade because somebody released a 5XBR shader for it and while it's not perfect it does look better than the standard built in scalers. Also it lets you add stuff like a CRT shader and noise filering to clean up the image. The "clarity" filter is also nice to add some shadows and highlights.

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