The future?

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The future?

Post by NLS »

I wonder if there is a loose roadmap where the project goes.
I mean the bigger picture not adding a new version of an engine or something.

For example thoughts of changing the UI from SDL to something else.
Or merging with ResidualVM (a la MAME mergine with MESS), or making another child project (or add it to the main tree) with text based engines (an area very active otherwise, but could use the bigger "wings" of a project like SCUMMVM to advance)...

Just curious - fits with the spirit of the days.

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Post by GateKeeper »

I don't know for sure, but I believe RPG engines will be the bigger picture. I am hoping that one day there would be a way to support all those FMV games that are now very tricky to play.

As far as other similar projects are concerned, I thought XL engine looked great, but apparently the development has stalled, or at least there haven't been any public updates for a long time.

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Post by Chilly Willy »

Better sound. AdLib emulation sounds close but is off. A real OPL3 card sound is much different bass wise, some sounds never get played, some are not even close to sounding right, etc.

I don't use much besides AdLib in ScummVM, so I can not say much about the other sound emulators. Having access to real OPL3 cards for sound would be awesome.

ScummVM is great for the average DOS gamer or just for a quick play. It really makes it easy to setup and start playing, on any OS. Otherwise, purchase an old DOS system with a Yamaha OPL3 sound card. They come in PCI if your system doesn't have an ISA slot.

TIP: If you have a Yamaha YMFxxx card on XP. Don't use the XP driver. It is aweful and weak sounding. Use the 98/ME driver on XP. Much better sound quality. At least it is on my Yamaha YMF724 card. ;)

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Post by snover »

This is a great question. I have some aspirational goals like these for the next release which I plan to discuss with the team once I have some time to write something semi-coherent. Keep an eye on the mailing list for those discussions.

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Post by koko200 »

Support for dynamix DGDS engine might be a good idea
Those include :

The demo of Space Quest 5
Rise of the dragon
Willy beamish
Heart of china
Quarky & Quaysoo's Turbo Science

and maybe Mega Math (This game looks like a dgds game but maybe it's not).

Also Support for the rest of the dr brian series (The lost mind of dr brain and The time warp of Dr Brain) might be great (Those Game do not use The SCI engine).

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