[Release] Metropolis Launcher v1.1.1 with ScummVM support

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[Release] Metropolis Launcher v1.1.1 with ScummVM support

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Hey there,

some weeks ago I got great help from this forum and today I'm happy to announce that Metropolis Launcher, an emulation front-end and extensive offline database of video game metadata now comes with ScummVM support thanks to the enhanced command line switches of ScummVM 2.0 :)

To provide you a quick start, here's the documentation for adding ScummVM within Metropolis Launcher:

1. Add the ScummVM Emulator
2. Add ScummVM Games
3. (Optional) ScummVM Configuration

You can download Metropolis Launcher from https://metropolis-launcher.net
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Post by Raziel »

eeek, windows only...

/me runs

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Post by Dark-Star »

Linux users don't usually need launchers, they know the command line pretty well ;-)

And then there's always Wine + Mono...

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Post by MK2k »

Metropolis Launcher v1.1.1 containing bugfixes is out now. Download and Infos: https://metropolis-launcher.net

Bugfixes in this release:

- Fixed an error when adding images in the USER Extras Manager
- Wrap slideshow when only USER Extras are available
- Default values for DOSBox fluidsynth upon launch
- Garbaged visibility of tab within tab at DOSBox Configuration
- ScummVM Launch context menu wasn't active and didn't show any emulators

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Post by MK2k »

The Fall'18 Update v1.2.0 is out now.

Visit https://metropolis-launcher.net for Infos and Download.

Selected new features include:

Pre- and Post-Launch Commands

For any emulator you can now define commands that are launched before and after the actual emulator is launched.

Enhanced Scripting Support

Metropolis Launcher now supports enhanced scripting with AutoIt and AutoHotKey. You'll be provided with a template script containing the variables which will be filled upon launch. Use it as the starting point for developing your own script.

Instead of directly launching the emulator, your script will be executed.
Click here for related Docs

Main Window State, Location and Size

The Main Window state (maximized, minimized, normal), location and size are now saved when Metropolis Launcher is closed.

These properties are restored with the next start of Metropolis Launcher. Hold down the SHIFT key when starting up and Metropolis Launcher will be shown in the default (maximized) state.

Merged "Edit Game" and "Edit Multiple Games"

Instead of having two menu items for editing a single game and multiple games, we now have one menu item reacting according to the current selection of either a single or a multiple selection of games.

Downloader Fallback to Archive.org

The downloader for extras (screenshots etc.) falls back to archive.org's wayback machine if mobygames.com is detected as being down.

RetroAchievements Support and Challenge Mode

RetroAchievements are game console based achievements. Currently no ScummVM support, so I won't get into detail here.

Metropolis Launcher lets you create challenges:


- define multiple tiers per challenge having multiple achievements
- when all achievements in a tier are unlocked, the next tier is visible
- in multi-user mode a user may be bound to a challenge, so that only games of the current challenge/tier are visible to the user

Challenges can contain RetroAchievements and additionally runtime-based achievements. You can use runtime-based achievements for games which are not supported by RetroAchievements (e.g. ScummVM games).

Total DOS Launcher Support

This feature is not ScummVM related, so I won't get into details here.

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