Sludge engine

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Sludge engine

Post by Raziel »

Great to get yet another probable game creation engine into ScummVM.

I wonder, as the OpenSludge site seems to be stuck in 2014 (maybe the original engine has been finished, though) and the belonging forum seems to be long dead too (the wayback machine chokes on it aswell), do you plan to add a subforum for SLUDGE Fan Creation to this forum or maybe just rename the (also pretty dead) "AGI/SCI Fan Creation" forum to a more common name, like "Fan Creation"?

Also, as there seem to be at least two of the fan made SLUDGE games not reachable from their original authors anymore (Nathan's Second Chance and Mandy Christmas Adventure), do you plan to make them available through ScummVM's download page?
(You can get still get them with a little bit of searching, but it's always better to be able to grab them from one place one trusts)

Thanks a lot

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Post by sev »

Good point, I renamed the forum

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Post by dos »


I know it's not exactly on-topic when it comes to the content of this thread, but the topic name is just right, so I won't create a new thread :D

I just wanted to point out a missing game on the list:

"The Secret of Tremendous Corporation" by

The game has been released for free in 2015 and is available on Steam and (its DLCs are on sale right now, check them out :D)

Unfortunately it's not supported by ScummVM yet (it lacks support of video playing in the SLUDGE engine), but hopefully it will get supported some day :)

I've already updated the list on (I've got a commit access there, so if there's anything more worth updating there you can point it out :))


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Post by criezy »

Thank you. I have added this game to the list of Sludge game on our wiki.

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