Jewels of the Oracle - Director games WIP

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Jewels of the Oracle - Director games WIP

Post by legluondunet »


I found a solution to play "Jewels of the Oracle":
I installed it on Dosbox running windows 3.1.
It runs very good!

ScummVM has recently add director games compatibility to ScummVM. My "Jewels of oracle" french version is recognized by ScummVM but does not launch, it crashes.

Someone has better result with the last ScummVM version from git?
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Post by digitall »

legluondunet: The director engine is still under heavy development and is not enabled in any releases or stable builds for this reason. I am not developing this engine, but AFAIK this is still very unstable. When it is ready for more extensive testing, then an request for testers will be made in a news item on the website :)
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