The Secret of Monkey Island boxed value PC/Mac

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The Secret of Monkey Island boxed value PC/Mac

Post by Joni »

I was thinking of buying original boxed version of The Secret of Monkey Island, but I'm unsure what version should I buy.

I was mostly interested in 3.5" 256-colour PC and Macintosh versions, not CD or EGA versions.

I guess that Macintosh version is rarer than PC version as Macintosh wasn't so popular in 1990/1991, but would that make Macintosh version more valuable?

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Post by filipetolhuizen »

The Macintosh version has graphical inventory, which DOS-CD version has too. The DOS VGA disk version has text inventory. They also sound very differently under scummvm. Macintosh version also seems to look brighter, while some colours in DOS VGA version seem washed-out.

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