Sierra Humble Bundle

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Sierra Humble Bundle

Post by lazylazyjoe »

There's a Sierra Humble Bundle going till the end of the month.
The $1 tier has the Space quest collection, police quest collection, phantasmagoria I & II , & Shiftlings.
The BTA (about $10)has Gabriel Knight 1-3, QuestFG collection,Timeshift, & Arcanum.
$15 tier has Casar 3&4,Geometry Wars 3, Kings Quest 1-7, & Velocity 2x.
$20 tier has the new Kings Quest chapters 1-5 & epilogue.
Downside is the sale is only Steam keys for Windows versions only. I have no idea about Scummvm compatability.
If you're only interest is the new KQ chapters,you'll do better to buy it in Steam since its on sale there for $14 now, but otherwise this bundle is a lot of good games for cheap.
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