LastNinja Games any planes?

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LastNinja Games any planes?

Post by dr.zeissler »

Are there any plans to support the LastNinja Games.
Especial the PC Series would be much better if they had music, perhaps a goal for scummVM ? I thought about this after seeing that:

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Post by sev »

This is a well-known fighting game, and is not really a point-and-click adventure or RPG.

Thus, I think that the chances are quite low.


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Post by segra »

There are a number of engines working towards replicating The Last Ninja Engine(s)
(I've edited to remove a link here, as i just noticed the site breaks forum rules)

Including a partial implementation of Amiga LN1 Remix of my own, Last Ninja Remix (no work has been done on this in years now, but the first level is playable)

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