Riven Progress?

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Riven Progress?

Post by crimsonscyes »

I recently found out that Myst became compatible on ScummVM 1.9.0, which is awesome, and I was wondering how compatible Riven is at this point? I was able to find the "TODO" page for Riven (http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Mohaw ... Riven_TODO) but the last time that page was updated was way back in March. Most of the other topics related to Riven on ScummVM I was able to find are months if not years old so I was hoping for a more recent update.

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Post by albadross »

Back in July, I was able to complete Riven with a daily build. My save games from then still seem to work. So I suggest getting the latest daily build and giving it a go.

I haven't tried it with the latest official (1.9.0) build. I doubt this will work because the game is definitely not officially supported yet.

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