What is ScummVM, is it DosBOX and win95 and 98 BOX?

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What is ScummVM, is it DosBOX and win95 and 98 BOX?

Post by UFO » Tue Sep 27, 2016 7:29 am

What is ScummVM, is it like DosBOX and win95 and win98 BOX?

monkey island 3 doesnt run under window xp and above, even though it is a windows game.

it doesnt run under dosbox obviously

but it works with scummvm

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Post by criezy » Tue Sep 27, 2016 8:14 am

DOSBox emulates the DOS operating system. That way it can run all (or at least most) DOS games (and other types of DOS applications as well). ScummVM works in a completely different way: it is a reimplementation of the game executables. This has two practical consequences:
- The original platform on which the game ran doesn't really matter to us. We have added support for not only DOS games but also Windows games (as you have seen), Mac games, Amiga games and more.
- Adding support for a Windows 95 games doesn't mean we support all Windows 95 games. We need to work on each game individually. For each game we support we spent time reimplementing the executable for that game. So the list of games you can play with ScummVM is much smaller than the list of games you can play with DOSBox.

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