telltale Bundle at Humble

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telltale Bundle at Humble

Post by lazylazyjoe »

Humble Bundle has a telltale Bundle going on. They have a couple good games in the cheapest tier. They also have a bta tier and a $12 tier with more games to be added.

Unfortuately, it appears to be Steam only. That means $1 minimum (no penny tier) and no DRM free. Also, it's Windows and Mac only, so no Linux Android, nor IOS support either.

If you don't mind using Steam and aren't running Linux or mobile, is a pretty good deal..

$1 tier back to future, Sam n Max (devil's v playhouse), walking dead 1, poker night, puzzle agent 1&2

btw tier: ($8.16 when I wrote this )waking dead 400 days, wolf among us, poker night, tales from border lands, (more TBA)

$12 tier: Game of thrones, walking dead 2

Btw, they have another Bundle with Brothers: tale of two sons on a $1 tier, and the remastered Indigo prophecy in the BRA tier.
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