Myst: F5 menu options

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Myst: F5 menu options

Post by legluondunet »


I just tested Myst, when I press F5 key, I obtain the game options menu where I could activate the "Zip mode". But what is it about?

Secondly, is it planned to have better transitions? Smoother?
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Post by lillemask »

Zip mode means that you can skip "unimportant" rooms that you have already visited when you move ahead. The cursor will turn into a lightning bolt when this is possible.

I think the transitions are supposed to look exactly like in the Windows version. The unsupported Mac version had four different "quality levels" of transitions, as can be seen in this video:
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Post by bgK »

Indeed the transitions should look just like the Windows releases of Myst. There are no plans to enhance them.
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