Aric Wilmunder releases documents from his days at LucasArts

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Aric Wilmunder releases documents from his days at LucasArts

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Aric Wilmunder is releasing design documents from his days at LucasArts, and is even looking into releasing SCUMM sourcecode for preservation on Github! :)
Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Maniac Mansion, The Dig, Indy Iron Phoenix, the list goes on. I worked on all of these and had a suspicion that someday there would be interest in how these games were made. Years ago I visited the LucasArts facility in the San Francisco Presidio and brought along two grocery bags of design documents. I asked if they had an archivist and I was told that since I had kept these safe for over two decades, it was best if I just kept them together. I have met with the archivist at Stanford and these documents will either end up there or at a museum dedicated to preserving game design. Until then, I plan to release a few documents every month, and I am currently looking at using GitHub for archiving the SCUMM source code.

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Post by OmerMor »

I noticed that too... that's awesome!
He's now even shared a SCUMM Tutorial: ... torial.pdf

Seems like it's just the table of contents and the preface.
I guess he'll publish the rest eventually.

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