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Welcome to the new ScummVM Forums!

Post by Ender »

Welcome to the new ScummVM forums, launched to coincide with our 0.8.0 release.

Please post any feedback or issues you have with the forum as a reply to this topic.

We hope you enjoy!

- The ScummVM Team
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Post by glokidd »

Thank you all for this forum
I have to say that i appreciate all the help that i have received from both programmers and users. As I am one of the latter, with little to no experience with programming (turbo pascal only) I would have been hoplessly lost.
With out ScummVM itself i probably would still be swearing at my computer trying to get the sound working in MI 1&2.
It has become part of my dayly routine to come and check out the forums
(even the threads for ports that I have no acsess to, what can I say I like to read) and I only wish that I could do more to contribute to this prog.
I believe that these games should be preserved and played forever. LA may no longer support them but I am infinitely glad that you do.
Thanx again
GloKidd (Grant Yeager)
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