Another Humble Bundle Adventure bundle

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Another Humble Bundle Adventure bundle

Post by dreammaster »

Humble Bundle are having another Adventure game bundle. Speaking for myself, I've already got the Broken Sword games and The Whispered World, but the Detective Grimoire and A Golden Wake games look interesting.
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Post by Graxer »

I grabbed this yesterday. Detective Grimoire is a game I have played previously on my iPod Touch. It is a really fun take on detective gaming (albeit a bit short) and was developed by the Super Flash Bros. Anyone who enjoyed watching flash movies in the mid naughties may recognise them as the creators of the Decline of Video Gaming series. It is also a sequel to a free online game they made apparently, although I haven't actually played that one as I haven't got round to it.

I was actually considering buying the Whispered World the day before this bundle was released, so I am glad that I waited!
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Post by lazylazyjoe »

It's worth it , at the very least, to get Broken Sword 1 & 2, Detective Grimoire, and Whispered World, on the PWYW (1 penny ) tier.

Golden Wake is pretty nice too and worth it for the BTA tier. I just picked it up last week at the GOG sale. Wished I would have waited for this sale.
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