Free Steam Key 'Shadows of the Vatican' & AR-K for $.01

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Free Steam Key 'Shadows of the Vatican' & AR-K for $.01

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There's a promotion to get a free Steam key for the first 'Act' of the Italian made 2.5d P&C adventure game 'Shadows of the Vatican: Greed'. The game is split into 4 'acts' & the final 2 aren't for sale yet. It is Windows only, but has full voice in English & Italian & subtitles in French, German, & Spanish. Includes trading cards.

It's currently on Indiegala Store's main page, but I don't know for how long. Each act normally costs $7

I haven't gotten into it yet, so here is an excerpt from

'A religio-political thriller co-produced by 10th Art Studio and Adventure Productions, Shadows on the Vatican is loosely inspired by David Yallop's non-fiction book In God's Name, which delves into the death of Pope John Paul I in 1978, an alleged assassination it attributes to a power-group of global financial, political, criminal and clerical entities'

For 1 penny you can pickup another PnC adventure game called AR-K from the Humble Weekly Bundle. Don't know much about it, but it has mostly good reviews and it's DRM-free for Win,Mac,&Linux. And has full voice for English & Spanish.
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