new filter for higher resolutions

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new filter for higher resolutions

Post by Nemesis »

Just walked onto a Microsoft research site with a new approach for upscaling pixel art.

The results look very promising. Would it be possible to implement this in scummvm? ... rison.html
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Post by eriktorbjorn »

Seems doubtful to me. The paper is a few years old, but at least back then they made it pretty clear that the algorithm was currently too slow for real-time use. (Their figures mention between 0.62 and 3.06 seconds to render their examples "on a single core of a 2.4 GHz CPU". Given the wide range, I assumed they meant per image.)

Also, does the paper go into enough detail to actually recreate their results? I honestly don't know.
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Post by criezy »

I believe this is the same paper that was already discussed in this thread.
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Post by clone2727 »

I like how the article calls scale2x by its "old" name, EPX, which originated with SCUMM Mac :wink:
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