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scoriae wrote:Hmm, I notice that with the grman version, it launches the german version from the comman line whether you specify mortevielle or mortvielle-de.
The issue here is that the English version is actually either the French of German version that we "patch" on the fly (as we do for the improved translations). So English and German versions have exactly the same files and when you start the engine it will pick the first one that matches, which happens to be the German version (we detect French, German, English in that order). For other games the engine will usually identify the correct language from the files. If you were to add the game to the GUI it would ask you which version you want to add and remember that. Beside the id, which is "mortevielle" for all versions, the versions are identified by the language and extra fields.

So as suggested by eriktorbjorn, if you did not add the games to the ini file and start it from command line, in addition to the id you need to specify the language if you want english. Unfortunately I don't think there is a way to specify the extra field from command line, and therefore to get the improved version (which is detected after the original version - so if you ask for German you will get the original version).
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