Petka 3 - The Return Of Alaska in English!

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Petka 3 - The Return Of Alaska in English!

Post by ShinjiGR »


We are proud to announce that the fan-translation of the Russian adventure game Petka 3 - The Return of Alaska has been finished!

Obviously the voices remain in Russian, but everything else has been translated into English.

For more information and download links you can go here:

The game is a comedy point’n'click 3rd person adventure released in 2001. It follows the adventures of Petka and Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev, who, although they are historical figures they’re made fun of! Knowledge of the previous games in not necessary in order to enjoy this one. The whole game takes place in the USA of the 90s, and satirizes that era through the eyes of a couple of imbeciles born last century in Russia! It’s great fun!

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Post by JenniBee »

It's great that you're bringing all of these adventure games to English speaking audiences. I really appreciate your work. :)

I enjoyed your Hollywood Monsters translation (and managed to pick it up when it was free at the FX Store, thanks for pointing that out too :)).

I'll definitely try this translation out too when I get the chance. :D
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