ScummVM Introduction video (with FOTAQ) - Fixed

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ScummVM Introduction video (with FOTAQ) - Fixed

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I'm very pleased to say that my previously broken video introduction to ScummVM is now fixed. I originally made this video as my way of giving something back, I hope that it is helpful to others.

Joakim Gândara has redubbed my original video and the result is excellent - this video should be useful to any Windows user who is new to ScummVM. Joakim kindly fixed the audio in response to my earlier request for help (viewtopic.php?t=1275).

The fixed version of the video is here, it runs for about three minutes and is 5mb: ... rMSWindows

If my page is missing anything, I can add background information or change the recommended book links. Just drop me a mail ( If the ScummVM team like this video, I'm happy for it to be linked from other pages on this site.

Kind regards,
Ian Ozsvald (a founder of

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