Call for volunteers. Wiki contents

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Call for volunteers. Wiki contents

Post by sev »

Hi all,

as may you know, for a while we have ScummVM Wiki. We use that for various kind of information, including TODOs, plans, and other stuff.

One of missing features there is lack of information about games which ScummVM currently supports. So we'd like to call for volunteers to help us with filling that info. An example of such page could be found here (secret of monkey island) and here (monkey island serie).

So if you like to help us, please, drop a mail to some of Wiki admins and post a follow-up to this thread. One important thing. Our Wiki is closed for public editions, so if you're not serious about it, please, don't apply since we need to do some manual work with adding an account for you. Preference will be given to those who have history in forum posts, i.e. we want to be sure that we will not have to fix vandalized pages.

Also candidates should be able to write proper summaries for their changes :D, and of course, use more or less readable English.


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Post by MetaFox »

I'd be happy to help.

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