Tested scumm vm on surface pro at best buy

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Tested scumm vm on surface pro at best buy

Post by Ravippe »

Today i loaded up my thumb drive and went to best buy to see if scumm really worked or not.

Well this is what i found out on the surface pro.

Scumm installed fine. The mt 32 and general midi music works great. No lag, nice and crisp. I tried kings quest 5 and 6 and conquest of the longbow.

What sucked is that there doesnt seem to be a way to right click on the touch screen part. I know that on the keyboard mouse part it works but i tried touch and then hold and touch with other finger and it didnt right click. I was like ohh darn.
I tried messing with the system input settings but i didnt see an option for right click. Oh well!

The terrible thing is that each game i payed all froze when made full screen. I was really pissed about that. I dunno. We almost had it a perfect tablet for playing scumm games with mt 32 emulation! That is my dream. Oh well. Im keeping my ipad for now. I just wanted to let people know that i tried it today, and i feel that it was a failed experience. Maybe theres a fix for the full screen and right click issues but i couldnt find one.

Let me know if anyone else has a surface pro they are willing to test scumm out on!

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