Oh! But, Grandmother, what a terrible big mouth you have!

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Oh! But, Grandmother, what a terrible big mouth you have!

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All the better to eat you with!

We are proud to announce that yet another Coktel Vision game is supported now. Once Upon A Time: Little Red Riding Hood is an interactive story following the well-known fairy tale and lets you play as either the titular Little Red Riding Hood or as the wolf.

So if you want to rescue and/or eat Grandmother, get the latest daily build of ScummVM and your copy of Once Upon A Time: Little Red Riding Hood; and report all bugs you find to our bug tracker. As always, we would like you to make screenshots along the way as well, and submit them to our patch tracker. See the bug submission guidelines and screenshot guidelines for more help on these topics.

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Score another on for the doc!

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I´ve tried to play this game several times in my pda in nop´s dosbox with overclocking and other tricks but It´s almost impossible at that velocity.
I´ve downloaded the last buildbot of wince port and adding games I´ve added GK by mistake. I´ve tried to launch GK When I´ve seen this game in the list of added games... and This game runs fine.
Is it possible to play GK in scumm?

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Re: genral

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jimmight wrote:Is it possible to play GK in scumm?
Do you mean Gabriel Knight? If you do, then yes, Gabriel Knight is completable in the latest daily builds but it's not officially supported. I completed it in ScummVM last month, but there's some things missing (like the flashlight function in the tomb) and other more minor bugs left.

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