Spy Fox for iPhone

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Spy Fox for iPhone

Post by Truus999 »

This one is a free game at the moment. So grab it before it will cost monney again.


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Post by sanguinehearts »


Seems to identify as Puttzoo ios, I'll submit a bugreport if I have time tomorrow.

SCUMM gameid 'puttzoo', file 'game.he0', MD5 '15878e3bee2e1e759184abee98589eaa

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Post by clone2727 »

I already added detection before you even posted that.

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Post by timofonic »

clone2727 wrote:I already added detection before you even posted that.
You are the fastest clone of the dark side! ;)

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Post by tonybosell »

I was bought the one iPhone at last week ago. I have seen the spy box game in Dry Cereal for my iPhone but one problem like How to download Spy Fox in Dry Cereal. So any ideas, please give me on this thread.

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Post by md5 »

If you're using Windows:

1) Sync your phone with iTunes (you'll need to set it to sync your apps)
2) Navigate inside the folder where iTunes is saving its files, which by default should be something like:
C:\Users\<your username>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications
3) Your game should be stored in there in an .ipa file, which is basically a zip file. So open that with your favorite zip viewer (e.g. 7zip, WinRAR) and there you have it

The above should be more or less the same for other operating systems where iTunes runs in, you'll just need to adjust the location where iTunes is saving its files.

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