Record A Movie Function?

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Record A Movie Function?

Post by Lechuck »

Would it be possible to include a function to ScummVM that allows to to record movies of your game play?
You know it records what you do and stores it in a small file so other people can play back it *live* so to say. So it's not a movie in that sence just a instruction file on what the users did that recorded so the games is being played live but not by the user.

It's just in speed gaming in emulators, and it's quite cool if you wan't to see how you play the games though.

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Post by fingolfin »

A lot is possible, this feature included, but it's not likely to be added anytime. See also this feature request from 2002: ... tid=418823.

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Post by clem »

or this discussion:

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Post by Jimbob »

clem wrote:or this discussion:
Yes, I thought there had been a recent discussion about this.

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Post by raina »

ScumMovies! [ska-mmuuvi:s] :)

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