UBUNTU DailyBuild... exist or not ?

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UBUNTU DailyBuild... exist or not ?

Post by DjDiabolik »

Hi boys.,. i'm stay to try ubuntu (i have 11.10 X86) on my pc... i want to install the Daily Snapshot of ScummVM but i can found only the Debian Package:

I have to try to pick here... extract on a folder (chmod 777 for all file)... because i thinks Debian=Ubuntu but doesn't start.....

You can help me ?

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Post by KuroShiro »

Well, there doesn't seem to be a daily build made specifically for ubuntu, but it's not very hard to get the source and compile yourself on Linux.

You just need to install git to get the source code. Most of what you need is already built in to Linux, except the SDL-devel libraries.

Oh btw, for Ubuntu, where the wiki says to type 'yum install' use 'sudo apt-get install' instead.

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Post by DjDiabolik »

i have resolve 5 seconds ago...

I have installed from Ubuntu software center the official 1.4.1.... after that the extracted daily build for debian working without problems, it's normal ?

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Post by DjDiabolik »

Hi boys.. i come back here:)

Ok the solution posted here...

If i want to replace the original stable installed from ubuntu software center with Daily snapshot how i can obtain ??

Not exist a repository for install this daily snapshot ??

Otherwise now because from repository it's only possibile to install 1.3.1 ?

You can give me a verified repository to install the latest version ?

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Post by cuppsy »

I don't know of a PPA for it, but grabbing the Debian 64-bit package from here: http://buildbot.scummvm.org/builds.html, worked just dandy for me. Been playing Myst on it all day. Just extract (to /opt if you wanna be organized about it) and run.

Ubuntu 11.10 x64, fyi.

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Post by nimd4 »

A year later and there's no official PPA available for ScummVM. It's cool to be able to run it without actually compiling, but there would be hundreds of programs on my machines to manually update if it weren't for PPAs *hint* *hint*

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Post by Serious Callers Only »

It's pretty easy to do a daily build ppa if the program compiles easily and without non-system libraries. I did it myself for a few programs.

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