What's your favorite music format for AGI games?

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What's your favorite music format for AGI games?

Post by CaptainJei »

My first computer was a PC Jr., and I remember playing a lot of the early Sierra games on that, and the PC Jr. seemed to have better sound than most of my friends' computers. That is until one of my friends got Space Quest 2 for her Apple IIGS, which seemed vastly superior at the time.

So, I'm wondering where some of you weigh in on which format has the 'best' quality AGI music.
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Post by Raziel »

I believe nearly everyone would go with what he/she heard the first time playing.

For me it would be the Amiga sounds.

Only few AGI games featured real theme "music", most of which only contained of "sound effects" that add together or short passages of music for special environments.

Today i'm playing my AGI games with the (on-the-fly) MIDI emulator and it sounds even better than anything i heard on the Amiga :-)
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Post by envisaged0ne »

I grew up with the old pc beeps. I think the Apple IIgs sounds the best.
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Post by Mau1wurf1977 »

The Apple does sound the best. In Europe though we didn't have them in schools or at friends. Same goes for the Tandy.

So I only experienced the PC speaker :)

The Tandy version sounds nicer (through DOSBox or ScummVM) and that's the main version I play now.
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