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Sorry for chiming in so late but I just wanted to give my two cents as well.

I always use the DOS version. First of all because I always keep my CM-32L (a MT-32 variant if you will) hooked to my PC and so I enjoy superior MIDI music.

Second, I use the DOS versions because they allow me to use VGA graphics instead of the hires SVGA ones the Windows (and DOS-Vesa-) versions use.
Because, really, Sierra only made part of the graphics hires at that point - like character portraits and inventory icons - the majority of the graphics (i.e. the backgrounds) are upscaled rather cheaply, which make them even more blocky and pixelized.
And then you can't even use a filter the smoothly upscale them.

So, my choice is always: Use the DOS (VGA) version and a nice scaler like 2xSAI (a lot of people prefer HQ2x but I feel that one distorts the picture too much).

Besides, I still think that these hires KQ6-character-portraits are, well, ugly.

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Post by envisaged0ne »

I respect your opinion, but disagree. I like the upscaled graphics. And I can't stand the DOS version of KQ6. I like the hi-res portraits a lot better. However, I think the Win version of KQ5 should never have been made. Or they should have at least left MT-32 support in it

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