Conquests of Camelot game completion score

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Conquests of Camelot game completion score

Post by PsyCrow »

Just finished Conquests of Camelot and the final score seemed odd. Is this normal or a glitch in the game. This was with the DOS version in ScummVM 1.3.1. I've not tried it on a DOS machine to see if it's the same.

Specifically, the "Wisdom Points" show higher than the maximum allowed.[/IMG]
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Post by Raziel »

I *think* thats normal...Sierra did this in some games.

iirc correctly even in the AGI "Black Cauldron" adventure one were able to reach the maximum+3 points if everything were done correct AND not according the movie, say if one found another way to solve a riddle one got more points
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Post by CaptainJei »

The score system in the original game was a little glitchy. In fact, the Conquests of Camelot hint book says that the maximum score in one of those categories is set wrong. (You can download the hintbook at One way to gain points that isn't credited in the hintbook is to try to buy the grail from the seller of relics.
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