Secret of Monkey Island Sample Floppy Disc

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Secret of Monkey Island Sample Floppy Disc

Post by BubbRubb »

Came with a box of floppy diskettes I ordered off of eBay, is it worth anything?
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Post by sanguinehearts »

Does it run in ScummVM?
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Post by MusicallyInspired »

What IS it? Do you know what's on the disk?
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Post by clone2727 »

MusicallyInspired wrote:What IS it? Do you know what's on the disk?
I believe it's the same demo we already have on our demo server, but I'd like to see exactly what it is myself :wink:
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Post by BobbinT »

Gosh! that really took my memories back at early 90's when I used to buy those 3M diskettes for backup purposes, which I realized later on that those 3M's has quite poor durability. It easily grows cotton-like fungus, which makes me replaces it with Fuji Film diskettes later on.

And the funny thing is... rats seems to enjoy taking piss on the pile of 3M diskettes. No kidding! (back then my parent's old house had quite a terrible cases with rats... and rodents) :lol:

Anyway, I also do remember paling the demo version of Monkey Island. Not really miss-able since I rather play the complete version. At least it was quite fun back then when diskette games were quite expensive. :P
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