Lands of Lore

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Lands of Lore

Post by PsyCrow »

I noticed Lands of Lore is not included for testing in the up-coming release. What's holding it back?

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Post by Shadow »

Today I testet my Lands of Lore Version in ScummVM. Runs great! Big thanks to all, who worked on it! Keep up this fantastic work!

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Post by Strangerke »

Hi PsyCrow,

it depends what you call the upcoming release:
1.3.1 will be a bugfix release, so it'll contain ... bugfixes!

1.4.0 will included new games and engines, including Lands of Lore.

This way, we have several months to do intensive testings and to squash as many bugs as possible.

It's all about release quality, in short.

Best regards,

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Tested, but seems to be missing some music.

Post by TotenMaske »

I have the Dos CD of Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos, overall the game runs really fine, though I remember this game having music throughout. I'm using 1.4.0git997-g47e9a6c of the builds of Scummvm. Is there an audio track from the cd I have to figure out or re encode to get music in the game or a file I failed to copy? Or is that one of the missing elements that scummvm team is working on?

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