Cine: new engine in SVN builds!?

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cyx is probably the guy who knows most about it (including contact info for Eric) since he wrote that open source engines

(hi cyx! do you still read the forums? any news if or when we'll see vectorized another world?)

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pelayo wrote:Eric Chahi has allowed distribution of Another World and Flashback with some ports of Reminiscence and Raw for Dreamcast, Gamepark GP32 and Game Boy Advance (the dreamcast and gp32 aren't a re-release but the interpreter glued to the datafiles, I can't speak of the GBA version because I've not seen it, perhaps it was commercial, but I don't think that).

So I think it's possible to talk with him and ask for a freeware release. But I don't think they fit in ScummVM.. at least I can't think of me using ScummVM with keyboard only :) Also there is a rewritten engine for the Heart of the Alien, Another World 2, that appeared only for SegaCD, but I think maybe Chahi hasn't the rights for that game.
More on the GBA version can be found here, including the fact that Eric Chahi authorized the completed version to be released as freeware.

Chances are, if he salvaged Another World from the Delphine bankruptcy, that he might also have bought the rights to other games he worked on (including Future Wars).

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Right, nobody is saying Another World should be in ScummVM. It clearly doesn't match the other games. We're just asking the developers if they've spoken with Eric Chahi about freewaring his other games, particularly Future Wars which seems to be almost complete already within the engine.

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Eric Chahi is not the person with FW and OS rights. Cyx doesn't know (directly) I mean the deal with them but Yaz0r is, who is original cinE developer.

The question was already raised and we got repies from Yaz0r. For details see: ... .27Feb2006

starting from 00:27.


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Bobbin wrote:Maybe some day the Amiga soundtrack could be supported because that sounded a lot better than the Adlib music.
Either way, Jean Baudlot's original tunes were horrible. Bruno Ribera (a renowned French saxophonist) arranged both soundtracks and turned them into great OST (particularly Operation Stealth).

ScummVM could probably support them, but buying the soundtracks is a hard task. The CDs were not for sale, they were bundled with a French video game magazine called Gen4 with the mention "FREE CD". Delphine went bankrupt in 2004. Sure it would be fab if the ScummVM team was allowed to distribute the games along with the OSTs, but who's the copyright owner today?

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According to the very confusing chat log, it's Paul de Senneville, someone who does not wish to freeware games.

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I chated recently with Eric, and he told me that Paul Cuisset *may* have the rights to some of those games.
I'm in contact with Paul Cuisset, but getting to talk about freewaring will probably be a tricky issue...

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Hi Everyone,

This is a going off on a tangent but I am a big fan of the Cinematique games, so I set about creating an unofficial sequel to Operation Stealth written in Basic. It's very crude and no where near finished (just started really) and in fact I have stopped developing it due to time constraints and the fact that I couldn't find a pixel artist to work with me. Thought people here might be interested in having a look. It's a windows XP program. If I hear anything positive back it might get me working on it again. Also don't do me for any copyright, I did this for free, as a tribute and I own all the original games form back in the day on my Amiga 500.

Download from


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