Loom FM Towns - 2 different version of soundtrack

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Loom FM Towns - 2 different version of soundtrack

Post by pucci »

In Loom FM Towns version there are 16 audio tracks related to the game.
In reality it is only 8 tracks but arranged in 2 different ways.
from track 1 to track 8 there is the first version, while from track 9 to track 16 there is the second version (same music of the first 8 tracks but with different arrangement).
1 - 9
2 - 10
3 - 11
4 - 12
5 - 13
6 - 14
7 - 15
8 - 16

Have you ever noticed this?

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Re: Loom FM Towns - 2 different version of soundtrack

Post by eriktorbjorn »

pucci wrote:
Sun Sep 13, 2020 8:05 pm
Have you ever noticed this?
I might have noticed when I ripped the audio from my CD, but I didn't remember it afterwards. Does anyone know if the alternative tracks were actually used or not when running on a real FM-Towns? (I guess one set of track could have been for the Japanese version, or it could have chosen between the two sets at random. But I have no idea if it actually did any of this.)

Edit: When running the game in ScummVM, I noticed that looping music seemed to switch to a different version of the intro when the music started looping, at least. So maybe that's what the original did as well? It's been quite a long time since I played through this version of the game. Also, there are FM-Towns emulators, but the best one I could find was Windows-only, so I had to run it through Wine and I couldn't get the mouse to work properly (it only allowed me to move the pointer diagonally) so I gave up after the intro.

I did notice that the original seems to have had smooth scrolling, which ScummVM does not emulate.

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