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by potatis
Sat Jan 14, 2017 12:40 am
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Perhaps these icons could be displayed on the touchbar on the new Macbook Pro's if ScummVM will support it. (Maybe it could display MT-32 messages as well...)
by potatis
Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:14 pm
Forum: iPhone Port
Topic: Cannot change graphics mode on ipad
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So how does it work, without filtering, can non-retina iPad only display 640x480 games without resizing, while retina iPad can enlarge it to 3x? And as for 320x200 games, can ScummVM emulate those non-square pixels? I was thinking that would not work on non-retina iPad, which would enlarge 3x in bot...
by potatis
Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:07 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: ScummVM and MT-32
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what hardware is required to play MT-32 emulated in ScummVM? Will a Core i5 Mac mini be sufficient?