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Scummvm themes for the wii
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Joined: 09 Nov 2010
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Scummvm themes for the wii 

The title pretty much says it all...
I am trying to find a nice theme for my scummvm on the wii.
They all seem to be made for the older versions of scummvm.
Could someone provide me a link to a nice theme with a crt television compatible big font?
Don't tell me "google for it". I tried, and couldn't find anything decent.

I also noticed that a new official release came out being the 1.2.1. I was wondering why the wii version was missing? Maybe I need to be a bit more patient.
I guess my humogonous bug fix won't be in it, as it is still standing open. Is dhewg the only guy involved in the wii port of the program?

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Post Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:39 pm 
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As far as I know dhewg is the only person involved. I actually get the impression that the same goes for most of the 'other platform' (non - desktop) versions but admittedly I'm not familiar with all of them.
I'm not sure why there is no 1.2.1. stable. Before the buildbot I think that when a version was forked the team would contact the porters and ask them to supply it. Now with the buildbot I would of thought the porter wasn't needed for it.
But this is all second guessing.
I can't recall if you know of the buildbot and I just noticed for the first time that the Downloads page only has a link to Buildbot now whereas you could download them from the downloads page itself before. The Builds list has a version for the Wii which is probably later than 1.2.1 - although that doesn't help you if the Humongous fixes haven't been included yet.

As for the themes I've never tried any of them so I have no idea.

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Post Wed Dec 22, 2010 6:50 pm 
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