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Joined: 05 Oct 2010
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hi i'm using scummvm since version 0.8 , and its one of the best emulators for wm, but new versions has 2 types of start (scummvm1.exe,scummcm2.exe) and thats is really anoying couse for some games you need one and for others games you need to lunch second scummvm , and you always have to scan for games ... is there any possibilities to add schorcuts to avoid this things ...or is there anything else to do....when you tried to add games in scuumvm 1 ,and then you go to scummvm 2 is on the list that games from scuumvm 1 even if they're not suported , and then you have again to scan for games and add them there possibilitiy to save the list ....

i hope someone will reply i would really appriciate this....
p.s im willing to pay for the realese with schortcuts (if there will be any ) it will be really nice if you could have shortcuts in yours game folder ....

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Post Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:57 pm 
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