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7th guest piano puzzle
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7th guest piano puzzle 

As I suppose, pherhaps someone is going to play this marvellous game.
I wanna advice them about an issue: In piano puzzle you should turn around the secren in "inverted landscape" mode (bottom of pda in the right hand) so you can play the highest note.
This puzzle is easy bur is large.
In the highest note you can use yor stylus in a concrete place: about two lines of pixels of width and eight pixels high. Other way youŽll be starting again, and again, and again... this nusical puzzle.
In both frontiers of this lines youŽll see an icon that you normaly use to abandon puzzle (A "calling you aside" hand).
In normal landscape mode this area seems not to exist.

Have fun.

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Post Wed Apr 28, 2010 3:15 pm 
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