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Enlarging subtitles
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Enlarging subtitles 

Hallo for everyone,

first, i have to thanks authors for this port - stable, fast - perfect.

But there is a little problem. I have PPC mobile phone, and its small display (320*240) isn't best for viewing subtitles (Sam & Max)
Is here any possible way to enlarge, or change their color to better contrast?

And at least, can i make my own games for scumm with any easy to use tool? Smile (For example - Creating new version of Sam & Max with subtitles other then english.)

Thanks a lot for answers.

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Post Wed Nov 08, 2006 10:02 am 
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subtitles: AFAIK this kind of thing is very difficult (especially taking into account the multitude of engines in scummvm) and that's why the readme suggests to have audio as well (where available). I could look into it sometime.

games: scummvm was never designed to be a platform for game deployment. There are however some fan translations of games floating around out there, so you should check them out. For building from scratch 2d adventures you will be better off using adventure game studio.

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Post Wed Nov 08, 2006 8:29 pm 
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