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ScummVM Game Icons for use on a G6 Lite
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ScummVM Game Icons for use on a G6 Lite 

Hi all!

I'm LOVING ScummVM on my DS and G6L (ok, right now I can only play the floppy versions but it's a tiny handheld and I have my PC for playing full talkies on anyway!)... it's great to have some of my fave games ever in handheld form at last... here's to the (hopeful) addition of AGI support to make my dreams complete! Very Happy

Anyway, I wanted to say 'thankyou' for this port by sharing these... they're icons for use by owners of G6L flash carts, who are sick of seing black boxes for their ScummVM games! I made with with the help of an AWESOME little program by Kingsquitter, and you can find the program and the icons I made at the following location (second and third page of the thread, if I recall):

I'd post 'em here but I don't think attachments are allowed, but I wanted to share in case other ScummVM/G6 users wanted 'em (and yes, I know Simon 2 doesn't work yet... found out the hard way!).


EDIT: Added a new bunch of G6 icons, including one for 'Legend of Kyrandia' (now that it works under ScummVM DS).

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Post Sat Sep 02, 2006 12:28 pm 
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