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Day of the Tentacle Walkthrough
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Day of the Tentacle Walkthrough 

With the release of the remake of Day of the Tentacle I wrote a Day of the Tentacle Walkthrough. Of course I used ScummVM and played the original, rather than the remake, but the remake is cool too!
While doing that I even discovered a Bug which is probably a DotT bug and not a ScummVM bug...

This is the best and most logical way through the game without doing too much across the times and focusing on finishing each character's duties in each time first before finishing another character or even doing thing chaotically and confusingly and in no logical order. Doing whatever is handy also leads to completing the game but I tried to write it so you can finish each character in any order. I'm very interested in your thoughts on that.
Answer in this thread or in the comments on page.

Also the linklist could need some more entries. I'm gathering interesting Links for DotT on the DotT linkpage, so I thought I'd ask around here if you have any interesting DotT links to add.

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Post Sun Nov 27, 2016 11:59 am 
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