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PS3 "move controller" support
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PS3 "move controller" support 

Hi, i would like to ask for implementation of "playstation move controller" support on scummVM PS3
You know, the official playstation motion-sensing controller compatible with PS3 and PS4
By reading PS3 forums i can see some people has been waiting for this to happen years ago
There is code in PSL1GHT to support move controller in homebrew (written by kakaroto for his game named "eskiss"), so my question is: Why this peripheral is still not supported by scummVM ?

It could be really nice to be able to use move controller on scummVM, this kind of controllers are perfect for "point and click" games, like in nintendo wii
Moving the mouse arrow with a stick is annoying (like on a dualshock 3), lot of time lost going back and forth, it ruins the games

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Post Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:40 pm 
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