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Pixel hunting on Broken Sword 1
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Pixel hunting on Broken Sword 1 

Hello, i play Broken Sword 1 (Windows CD version) on my Lenovo K6 Note running on Android 7.0 and latest ScummVM, currently i am in Marib at Bulls head where Khan is trying to kill me, but i have opportunity to shake his hand with that electricity thing and jump left to car but after 10 times of trying i cannot find that probably one pixel with my finger where i can jump. It is possible to extend that area?

Here is that situation, i clicked exactly there but with no luck:

Also i know that "touch control" was earlier activated in Options/MIDI/Mixed AdLib/MIDI mode, but now even if i uncheck that thing and restart ScummVM it is always in touch control mode, i remember i used it back in time when i played Flight of the Amazon Queen and sometimes also some items was probably one pixel wide so i needed to find them manually with mouse cursor.

Thanks for tips Smile

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Post Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:05 am 
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