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Croustibat - English translation
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Joined: 14 Jan 2014
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Croustibat - English translation 

I'd love to translate Coktel Vision's Croustibat from Portuguese to English and see it finally officially supported in ScummVM. However I don't know where to start, could somebody please help me and point me in the right direction?

I tried extracting the game's files, editing and repackaging them without success. Instead of directly hacking the game's files is it possible to have some kind of on-the-fly translation in ScummVM?

Since the game is quite short and has very few text strings in my opinion it would be a very feasible project. The interface's text would be based on the English version of Gobliins 2 to make it standard.

By the way, yesterday I did some proper scans of the cover artwork (floppy in CD style jewel case), here they are:

And here's the game's manual (Portuguese) in PDF:
Since this was a promotional game the manual is pretty generic and has no mentions of Coktel Vision or the year of release.

Also, can anyone confirm if the text on these two screens (and the ending screen) is part of the background images or editable text strings?


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Post Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:47 pm 
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Joined: 14 Jan 2014
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I guess that the zero replies means that this isn't as simple as I first thought. I have the free time and will to translate it (it would take about a week) but unfortunately I don't have enough technical knowledge to do it. It's a shame, i'd really like to see this game in English for everyone to enjoy.

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Post Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:02 pm 
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There are tools available for translating SCI games, but I have never heard of any for Gob games.

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Post Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:08 pm 
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