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Just got Space Quest Collection
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Just got Space Quest Collection 

So that you grew up near Portland, right?
Yeah, 45 minutes out of the town in Salem, Which is the capital of Oregon. However, I came to Portland when I was a kid. I had friends up here. I was attracted to best skateboard.

And when did you go to Portland?
I think I was 18 when I moved up here.
Portland has a reputation for being a gnarly Transition town because of Burnside being there. Do you skate there or did when you were younger you ride ?

No. I mean, I went there a couple times Child but it never really clicked for me. There was always so much things, like parks that are and things that I skate. It was tough to skate. Burnside is one of the places that appears cool but it's really fucking hard to skate.
So what's the street scene like in Portland Today and what was it like when you were a child?
It is totally different now. It's huge. I Feel like it is really a scene. There's real groups of a number of filmers and skaters. I feel like once I was growing up there were just a couple crews of individuals. Now it's all over. Every child has a skateboard.
What do you think about the influx of Street pros visiting Portland, for example Joey Pepper Nick Boserio?
I think that it helps a good deal. It fosters the energy. Folks get stoked off of that.
When you're growing up, that were the Portland street legends which you looked up to?

Jayme Fortune and Matt Beach were the Two dogs at Oregon. They were the dudes.
As a pro skater, what made you decide to Remain In the region instead of moving somewhere where the weather is a little bit more forgiving?
I feel like I must travel I got to Get out much in the wintertime I was never stuck. I believe I'd begin to go crazy, if I was stuck here through the winter. But I chased the sun. In the winter I will visit LA or somewhere like that. You have to get away from the rain.

Do you think it would be more easy to have a Skateboarding career in somewhere like LA or do you believe that you are able to live anywhere now?
I think it's definitely a little more Challenging up here because you're a little more out of this loop. In LA you can kind of get away with not really skating because you are around everyone. Everyone sees you all the time, so they get the impression that you are skatntg. Here you have to put in that excess effort to advertise. But it's occurred to a lot of people that reside here. They get missing skateboard reviews.

What are a few of the rain strategies? Before You could travel, how can you maintain skating throughout the winter?
There was an indoor park Department of Skateboarding and it was run by the store, Cal's Pharmacy, and it was fucking amazing. That area was the best. But it closed down a few years back.
Are there any parking garages or some other Underground spots.
Yeah, there's a few. Nothing too special We hit a few parking garages in the winter when I was younger, all dim and dark. But you haveta do it.

So when I was a child, my buddies and I thought Vert skaters were not cool. Can you and your friends who were skating street feel that way about men that skated guys or transition who just skated Burnside?

It was not just like a beef but it was a lot Far more and separated divided than it is. It's all meshed together. As if you were only a street skater, I believe and it was weird to film. It's different today.
Like that transcends the region and I feel Holds true for skateboarding in general. There is tons of kids that are up-and-coming that will skate anything.
Yeah, completely. I feel like using the new Generation of children it's just natural. Transition is simply learnt by them. It's crazy.

How come a lot of individuals Northwest are hippies? What's it all about that area that breeds such a hippie vibe?
I think it's just the scenery and being in the forest. It's only a sense. It is a place that is very relaxing. You do not even need to be stoned to be relaxed. It's that fine. It is just a beautiful, beautiful place.
It's like a high.
You're surrounded by trees and when it's Nice, it is really fine and you appreciate it more because you are excited about this sunshine.
Just how many days out of the year does it rain?
It inconsistent but it's usually four Months from the year.
Just nonstop?

Yeah. Like, close to half the year it'll be shit weather.
Do you think skateboarding equipment lasts a Quantity of time? Like, do you think you proceed quicker?
Yeah, it's just so rough and rugged from all The snow and rain. Everything is demanding and you go like crazy through planks.
What do you do to kill the time when it Wet to skate?
Recently I've been drawing lots. And Netflix is A huge thing in my entire life.

What kind of stuff would you draw?
Whatever comes out. Nothing special, really. I have only been doodling.
If someone is currently considering moving to Portland From someplace what advice would you give best skateboard brands?
You gotta be well prepared. You gotta have some Other hobbies aside from skating. You haveta have some stuff indoors or You'll probably be at the bar daily. [/img]

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Post Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:12 am 
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Which space quest collection did you find?
The one from 2006?

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Post Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:37 am 
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I love that cover from the 2006 box. I wish the full HQ source image of that was available somewhere. Perfect take on the old ROTJ poster.

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Post Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:25 am 
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ScummVM Developer

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Hmm ... the source image exists in the wild at least ...

by Steve Chorney

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Post Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:45 am 
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Joined: 02 Mar 2007
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Gah! It's beautiful!

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Post Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:11 pm 
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