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Guaranteed To Work Simple Guide For iOS11 & Xcode 9.1
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Guaranteed To Work Simple Guide For iOS11 & Xcode 9.1 

Like you, after updating to the latest xcode and iOS my project refused to compile with various errors. No one wants to mess with installing ipa files, so just follow this simple guide and you will have ScummVM on your device in no time:

1. Using your favorite text editor, copy and paste the following code and save as (the code below is modified and isn't the one found online. If you have a previous file delete it and use this!):


# Clone the repository
git clone "$GIT_REPO_URL"

# Compile create_project
(cd scummvm/devtools/create_project/xcode; xcodebuild)

# Create the workspace
mkdir build
cd build

../scummvm/devtools/create_project/xcode/build/Release/create_project ../scummvm --xcode --enable-fluidsynth --disable-bink --disable-mt32emu --disable-nasm --disable-opengl --disable-theora --disable-taskbar --disable-libcurl --disable-sdlnet
open scummvm.xcodeproj

2. Make a folder named "ScummVM" anywhere you want. Inside, drop the script file.

3. Open a new terminal window, nevigate to your ScummVM folder (cd ScummVM) and copy-paste the below line then press enter:

chmod +x ; ./

4. Once Xcode launches, make sure Product Name in build settings is ScummVM (case sensitive!, see example:

One you do that, compile and it will work 100%.


The app icon for ScummVM has been messed up from day one. The creators use a rounded corner image instead of a boxed image which makes it look off in iOS. See comparison here (original on the left):

To fix do the following:

Download my fixed app icon images: then unpack replacing all older images into:


Enjoy the classics!
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Post Thu Nov 16, 2017 5:17 pm 
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Joined: 09 Nov 2017
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Thats how I did it too Smile Lets try to incoporate this onto master in Github.

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Post Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:50 am 
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