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Scumm findPathTowrads algorithm
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Joined: 05 Jul 2017
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Scumm findPathTowrads algorithm 

Hi everyone,

in the last couple of days I've been examining the source code of the scumm engine implementation and I'd like to ask a question about a specific algorithm. The code I'm stucked on is the function `findPathTowards` at line 800 of `boxes.cpp` file.

This function seems to examine the 4 coordinates of 2 adjacent boxes. It then compares the coordinates each time a new clockwise rotation of their names happens.

In order to go deeper into the subject, I'm actually curious to know if this algorithm has a name or where it comes from.
Thank you for your support


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Post Wed Jul 05, 2017 3:45 pm 
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I am no expert on SCUMM engine internals, but see this:

I think this is much simpler and less resource hungry compared to the more general algorithms for 2D pathfinding such as A*, but required manual / precomputed walkbox to work... but consider that these were intended for 286 PC era machines and the constraints of RAM and CPU time required this:

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Post Thu Jul 06, 2017 12:26 am 
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