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Change Controls in Scummvm
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Change Controls in Scummvm 

Hi !
Is there a way in Scummvm validate the control new? With mouse works quite well , but I want the mouse controls use the arrow keys on my keyboard . Have the file in which the controller is set found , but I do not know which button on my keyboard which number is assigned . Is there a way out?

Here is the file :

This one would be a mapping of a DualShock 3 Controller that I have found on the Internet , but instead of the controller would be but also the keyboard keys can be assigned or ?

#‎define‬ JOY_BUT_LMOUSE 14
define JOY_BUT_RMOUSE 13
define JOY_BUT_ESCAPE 15
define JOY_BUT_PERIOD 12
define JOY_BUT_SPACE 0
define JOY_BUT_F5 3

I know that i have to Recompiling the binary cause the Controls are Hardcoded.

Sorry for my bad english Razz

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Post Fri Apr 15, 2016 3:22 pm 
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