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Thank you!
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Joined: 04 Apr 2016
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Thank you! 

I purchased Day of the Tentacle for my PS4 (to play on my big screen tv.)but don't have a Vita to play on the bus etc... So far the original seems to work great on my Android to play on the go.

Thank you guys/gals for the effort put into this program.

I had so much fun with Maniac Mansion as a kid (the nes version) but never got to play DotT because I didn't have a computer back then.

I've used DosBox for similar types of games in the past on my computer, even though this doesn't seem to work for nearly as many games, for the ones it does work on it works wonderfully and super simple to add games.

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Post Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:42 pm 
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