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Request for a sticky
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Request for a sticky 

I could and sure others could do with Dreamcast specific info

compatable sound codex/'s and what will run best. e.g. mp3 well on the wiki it is for (no version x listed)

Layout methods for CD's e.g. what I posted not that long back and building/burning methods, personly I go cdi and burn via the new imgburn with cdi multi session support

Full info on the ini support

any other helpfull info, e.g. the ability to run DVD/multi CD games via some split method if one is available (obviously not looked into doing that just yet) and from what I have seen it's not possible but doing it like a split rip so data file up to point x save then load up data disc 2 ect...

any other info, info could be added as newer things are test/version X/nightly build x now supports ect/fixed issue x

I know most of the info is around but it's not made easy and seems like it is possibly out of date as I noticed a few posts about none working games that are not listed as not working on the Dreamcast

If needs be I could do a tidy version to start with

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Post Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:29 pm 
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