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scummvm wont start on N900...
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Joined: 17 Apr 2010
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scummvm wont start on N900... 

It worked for a while on my N900, then gave up. Ive tried uninstalling/reinstalling/restarting scummvm, but its just the same (black screen for a few seconds, then it goes back to the N900 menu).. so Im assuming when Im uninstalling, it doesnt clear the scummvm entirely from the system. If anyone knows how I can get the scummvm main screen to load up again, that would be great-thanks...


in the N900s x-terminal application I entered:
rm /home/user/.scummvm
it told me 'this is a directory'... then I entered
rm /home/user/.scummvmrc

scummvm is now working again! Smile

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Post Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:50 pm 
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